Kitchen Services

We may not be plumbers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t perform basic tasks to keep your kitchen running smoothly and effectively. We always thoroughly clean our mess up, so your kitchen is ready to use after we leave. Give us a call today to schedule your kitchen maintenance

garbage disposal repairs


If you are hearing a rattling sound or your garbage disposal is not grinding food up properly, you may need to fix it. This task can be dangerous given the nature of garbage disposals, so give us a call! WE are experienced in repairing and replacing buttons for garbage disposals to you can safely and effectively get rid of food waste.

kitchen door install and repair

Kitchen Doors

Make sure your kitchen doors work properly so you have no problem bringing food into the dining room. We can replace the hardware on the doors in order to have them close softer and open easier. Kitchen doors also help the home from getting smoky if your cooking creates some smoke.

Microwave repair and installation

Microwave Installation

For quick meals, having a good microwave is important. If you are having troubles with your microwave or need help installing one in your kitchen, we will help you quickly install or repair it so you can enjoy quick, delicious meals.

Kitchen faucet

Faucet Repair

A leaky faucet will lead to a higher water bill and potentially mold growth depending on the surface the water leaks. These repairs are often quick, and a new faucet can provide a different feel to your kitchen as well.

kitchen range hood and other kitchen repair services

Range Hoods

If you find your cooking to produce smoke, a range hood helps to ventilate the smoke out from your kitchen. This essential appliance is also helpful to reduce the risk of your smoke detectors from accidentally going off.

Related Projects

Some of our more recent projects as it relates to our kitchen services.

Complete Kitchen Reno PROJECT SCOPE: Demolition of separating wall between kitchen and living room, installation of new counters, cabinets, counter tops, full wall of subway tile, shelving, lighting, appliances, and more. Removal of carpet in both living room and linoleum flooring in kitchen, replacement of hard wood floors throughout the space.

LEFT: Before
RIGHT: After

Kitchen remodel

PROJECT SCOPE: Paint, new countertops, crown molding to upper cabinets, new fixtures, updated cabinetry in a few areas, microwave installation, and more bringing this kitchen into the 21st century and making it the family gathering place for years to come.

TOP: Before

kitchen update services

PROJECT SCOPE: Painted cabinets, new countertops, new fixtures and hardware, installation of upgraded appliances, and more, giving this kitchen a fresh, clean look and feel.

TOP: Before

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